Is today the day?

October 28th, 2018. That was the last time I was sitting here, writing, thinking, and publishing those thoughts. And this is what I have been doing since: *Walks to Laptop, sits down, turns it on* waiting for it to load just to turn it off again cause I can’t think of anything ‘important’ or just…

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Good day, well night, I guess really. Went to bed after a busy day w headache, grumpy and annoyed at the world. Woke up 1145pm no headache but not rested either and yet, little G using 3/4 of the bed don’t help the grumpy. So after tossing and turning I am up now, cleaned kitchen,…

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Brain fog

I sat here, in front of the laptop many times. Sat, sat, fingers hovering over the keyboard, nothing came to mind, or too much came to mind and no idea where to start. Thoughts doubling over, ideas in mind yet nothing seems good enough “to write home about”. Been going to the vineyard as usual…

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