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School Countdown Has Begun

Over these past few weeks we have been starting to accumulate everything needed for the minions start into 6th and 1st grade and let me tell you, it’s been something! Most the time I indeed feel chipper and rather excited that both will be going back to school and starting a rather scheduled day again. …

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Something I miss

Something I miss is really easy and fast explained! My grandparents!! They were the most wonderful, kind people and both were always there for me when I was growing up. Only living a stone’s throw away so to speak me and my brothers were constantly at their house.  Just because or because we wanted to…

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In the still of the night

…is when my brain is going all sorts of crazy; mostly when I just sit around in my yard (as I did earlier, enjoying the evening breeze while having my face buried in a book), looking about what I have accomplished already, the plans I have drawn up over the weekend and the most wonderful…

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What I am proud of

This is a good question.  It requires myself to take a long hard look at my life, what has happened so far, and where I am coming from.  That said, there a few things where I can definitely say “I am proud of this” and those are, no questions asked, my three minions!! Those kids…

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