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We are exploring again

“Before I am off to bed, it would help to know what time I need to be ready tomorrow!” is all I asked in preparation for our Friday morning exploring. I do not need to know much more, it’s not necessary to tell me where the road will lead us, I am ready and packed…

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Hit The Road, Jack

Anyone still remember that song?? Today I am tired. It’s been a long day. Lots of stuff already done but still not done yet with the day. But, sitting here, coffee in hand I’m watching the middle minion turning into a teenager right before my eyes. Headphones on, on the phone, playing with his friends…

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The Road Ahead

We decided we got this, texting with the better half he was up and ready to go to pick me up shortly after 10 am.  Finn waiting in the front seat, ready to jump out, explore the yard and make it his as well as it is Zissou’s.  He expected to go inside but instead,…

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Reflection Lake morning

230 am is an amazing time to wake up.  Especially when you went to bed early enough so you definitely caught enough sleep, with no interruptions, and you are good to go.  You stumble into the bathroom, wash up, look into the mirror and tell yourself you are ready.  Ready to tackle the morning, but…

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